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REP’N & CONNECTIN is a motto I created for City Chapters recently. I feel it aligns perfectly with the ideas and the agenda that I’ve had in mind since I started the brand. Representing cities and connecting with people who love those cities is the most major component of our mission. Those who love and represent their city are sure to connect with others in that city who feel the same. If you travel to other cities with one of our jackets emblazing your city on your back, it’s almost sure that you will connect with others. 

When I traveled to Ireland in 2018, I had brought a few City Chapters Spokane jackets with me. I met around 10 people during my week and half on the island directly due to me wearing my Spokane jackets. Some were from Spokane, some the Couer d’Alene/Northern Idaho area, and even people from Seattle stopped me to say they were also from Washington. I had imagined scenarios like this happening when I was developing the brand. To experience it first hand was amazing. To see that this brand has the power to cause connections rooted in where you are from, that otherwise could be missed, has became a major driving force for the WHY of our brand.

I started City Chapters to help rep cities in a way that has not been delivered before so that I can begin to connect with the awesome people, businesses, & organizations of those cities. I’m writing about this philosophy of REP’N & CONNECTIN to give a deeper sense of why City Chapters exist and why I work on this brand daily. Thanks for reading!

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