About Us

We seek to connect with the creative and amazing communities of people from around the world. No matter how tiny or massive, low key or famous they are. We recognize and believe that positive communities of people are an essential part to the future of the human story. There is a power that can not be explained but only felt when you are part of a community that is truly united and brings a sense of purpose to those involved larger than themselves. We aim to be that power. To bring that feeling to as many as possible. 


Our Mission: To build a platform for an international community of innovative and “awe”some people who want to be able to express and represent where they are from. To be able to share their chapter from the story of their city and community. In every corner of the earth there are people with unreal skills and talents. We want to know you. Your talents, skills, and passions. Your favorite spot in your city. Your favorite place to grab food. The reason you love and rep your city. Share your chapter with us, and we can build an incredible collective story together.